Screenshot 2017-11-28 15.54.03CHRISTIAN WEBER


Weber brings over 30 years of experience as an innovative entrepreneur and a
“get-it-done” approach covering a wide range of markets. Among them: import/
export/logistics, manufacturing, software and Internet systems development.

He has founded and funded several start-ups while staying involved through development, production, sales, and public offering.

He has a unique ability to identify market trends “ahead of the curve”. By pushing the envelope with concepts, technology and marketing he has delivered many cutting edge ideas to market.

His passion for helping those in need has manifested in ASSI where  for every 20 shelters we sell we gift one to a family in need. This quickly grew into several hundred donations around the world so far delivered by boats, trucks and helicopters to families that have lost everything.

He looks forward to setting a new standard in the shelter industry and the natural extension of this vision with a digital token offering thatcould revolutionize the way support and equipment is allocated and deployed into disaster zones.

josh pattenJOSH PATTEN


Josh Patten is the CFO, CS, and serves as chief financial officer for Advanced Shelter Systems, Inc. He is a member of the executive board and member of the board of directors.

Working closely with the Company’s CEO, Josh spearheads the company’s finance and banking functions including legal strategy, corporate development and analysis, accounting and controls, operations, financial and strategic planning and analysis.

He also has indirect responsibility for financial services. With 20+ years’ experience in financial services specializing in strategy and business operations, along with a wide-ranging asset management experience, Josh has held various senior level roles and has worked internationally, spending time in Melbourne, Bangkok, Bahrain, and Nassau prior to Advanced Shelter Systems, Inc. and the SHELTERCOIN Foundation.

Screenshot 2017-11-28 15.53.54KRISTEN WEBER


Kristen brings 17 years of business development, event/project planning and administration to Advanced Shelter Systems. She is a dynamic and highly polished professional who maintains productive relationships with each of our partners, vendors and customers.

Kristen works closely with leadership on brand awareness, sales and marketing and administrative efforts to help build our business and philanthropic programs. .



Justin Gunn is an Emmy Award nominated television producer, avid outdoor gear geek, and consummate connoisseur of the glamping lifestyle.

Having spent over a decade shooting documentaries in harsh environments,
he depends on equipment that just works while providing style and comfort when operating off grid. Justin’s basic kit includes a solar power equipped SHIFTPOD2.

When he’s not deploying for work, you can find him hosting guests in his swankily attired and air conditioned SHIFTPOD at summer music festivals

shane valverdeSHANE VALVERDE (FEMA)



The Federal IMAT (Incident Management Assistant Team) is tasked with assisting disaster survivors by coordinating all federal response and recovery efforts in assistance to State and Local governments as requested due to overwhelming conditions or resource requirement brought about during times of crisis through the coordinated delivery of programs and resources found throughout the Federal System.


Team Rubicon unites the skills and experiences of military veterans to rapidly deploy emergency response teams into crisis situations. It helps ease the transition for veterans from the military to civilian life by giving them a new mission of continued service.

Shane also heads up the SHELTERPOD DISASTER RESPONSE TEAM and manages deployments and trainings.



Nick has responded to more than 4000 medevacs in his 11 year career
in Alberta, Canada. Before his first job,  he spent 5 years within the 52 City
of Calgary Royal Canadian Air Cadet Core, and 2 years within the Calgary
Fire Cadet program. He started as a Flight and Ground response EMT (2006). He now works as a Critical Care Flight Paramedic. Advanced Care Paramedic Diploma SAIT Polytechnic (2011). Certification courses in ACLS, PALS, CAMATA, NERP, ITLS and NAPD.
A 3 year transition to Remote Emergency and Primary Care in small northern communities assisted the honing of remote medical skills in deprived conditions.

ryan moeller



A veteran of the US Army, Ryan was awarded a Bronze Star for his service
as part of the 490th and 492nd civil affairs battalions in Afghanistan and Iraq. Ryan coordinated hospital improvement projects and conducted medical treatment operations in remote villages.

He was appointed Chairman of the Kadhymiya Public Health and Medical Recovery Committee in partnership with local Iraqi helath officials. He has served as an instructor for facility mass casualty and HAZMAT decontamination, trained ER technicians and assisted ER doctors in all aspects of trauma and patient care.

Ryan has a Bachelor’s degree in Disaster/Emergency Management from American Public University. He is the Director for Emergency Preparedness & Response, Williamson County Georgetown TX and serves as Planning Section Chief for the Central Texas Incident Management Team.

craig long


Craig is a former US Army Civil Affairs officer and current graduate student at University College Cork in International Public Policy and Diplomacy. As a Civil Affairs officer Craig worked to improve relations among the residents, military, police, and NGOs in some of El Salvador’s most challenging neighborhoods.

Experience in multiple austere environments has taught Craig the importance of relationships, patience, and planning. He has served in multiple leadership positions, from four person teams to 900 person organizations.

He has a Bachelors degree in International Relations from the Ohio State University, has studied Spanish, German, and Arabic, and has lived and worked in five countries.

Craig’s interests include his six nieces and nephews, traveling, and hiking.

jeremiah soapeJEREMIAH SOAPE

Jeremiah holds a BA in Political Science from Stephen F. Austin State University and an MBA from Webster University.

He has served in the US Army since 2004, and received the Bronze Star for his service. In Iraq he established a civilian-military cooperation program for an organization of over 4500 employees, establishing policies and procedures for positive interactions with foreign military and civilian leaders, United Nations representatives and non-profit organizations for the care and safety of local populations.

He was accountable for more than 100 meetings with these groups on disaster and crisis planning, and their plans provided support for more than 450,000 civilians displaced by war.

He has organized humanitarian aid distributions and served as lead civil military planner in 6 major training exercises. Jeremiah has also served in Afghanistan, where he worked with local leaders on disaster response training and coordination.


From California’s Central Coast, Lon joined the army and became a Staff Sargent in the Civil Affairs unit. He stayed in the Army Reserve until 2000, working with many NGO’s. After obtaining an AA in Criminal Justice he became a Santa Barbara County Deputy Sheriff, and did a BS in International Relations at Cal State University Sacramento.

He spent 4 years in the San Francisco Bay Area as a CHP Officer then served as a Special Agent in the Secret Service from 2000-2006.

Since 2007 he has worked with NGOs as security manager for Samaritans Purse and World Vision International. This has taken him to Ethiopia, Guatemala, Haiti, Israel, Lebanon, Poland, South Africa and the Democratic Republic of Congo.



noah oken-bergNOAH OKEN-BERG

Born in Baltimore, Maryland and raised in Portland, Oregon, Noah helps run two tech companies.

Pop Art does mobile and web applications, focusing on sales and digital asset management. Above The Fray is an e-commerce boutique in Portland.

Noah loves class V rapids and is always looking for friendly invites to river runs across the globe.

erin huntERIN HUNT 

Erin is the Co-Founder and Creative Director at Above The Fray

She has an award-winning background in UX and digital design with an Masters of Web Design and New Media, and  Bachelors in Marketing.

Before building her own business, Erin was the Creative Director at a 100+ person web design agency. There, she garnered national accolades for her websites and mobile apps, created brand identities and led large creative teams.

josh yeoJOSH YEO


Josh Yeo is a self taught film maker from Los Angeles, California. Though he’s young and new to the game his footage garners hundreds of millions of views, with his work on the CNBC Prime time show “Secret Lives of the Super Rich”, and day time shows, “Power Lunch” and “Million Dollar Listing LA”. Josh started his film career traveling the world, making documentaries for various non-profit organizations.

His most recent project, “A Day in the Life”, follows Seeds of Hope, a widely known
and respected organization in Costa Rica, trying to stop the child sex trafficking epidemic. His pro-bono documentaries have raised tens of thousands of dollars for these organizations and help spread their word. Stateside, Josh occasionally films for Starlight Childrens Foundation, typically involving advancements in technology that can bring relief to a sick child.

Josh’s cinematic skills are not limited to the ground, he is a licensed UAV pilot and flies a fleet of drones. His most notable drone work is flying a $70,000 Arri Alexa Mini for “Chainsmokers” music video “Paris”, which currently has 110 Million youtube views.


Screenshot 2017-11-28 15.52.52REAR ADMIRAL BILL MCDANIEL


Rear Admiral McDaniel joined the Medical Corps in 1969, and trained to be a flight surgeon at the Naval Aerospace Medical Institute. He has served as Fleet Surgeon for the Commander, US Seventh Fleet and assumed command of Naval Medical Centers and Hospitals in Portsmouth VA; Oak Harbor WA , Charleston SC, and Camp HM Smith HI. He has also served in Vietnam, Spain and Japan and attended the National War College. RADM McDaniel is a member of the National Academy of Orthopedic Surgery, the Society of Olympic Physicians and the American Medical Association.Rear Admiral McDaniel’s military awards include: Defense Superior Service Medal; Legion of Merit (2x); Humanitarian Service Medal; Vietnam Service Medal (with 2 battle stars)

Screenshot 2017-11-28 15.57.26STEVE OUTTRIM


Steve is a technology entrepreneur from New Zealand. He wrote the HotDog Web Editor in 1995, which WIRED named the #3 most downloaded software on the Internet in 1997. HotDog made it simple for people to create web pages in the “Dot Com era”.

At the age of 23 the IPO of Sausage Software made Steve the youngest
CEO of a public company in Australia, a record held by Rupert Murdoch for almost 40 years, and held by Steve from 1996-2015.

He founded technology company Urbanise, which went public in 2014,
and was the owner of nutraceutical smart food business Aussie Bodies, which he sold in a private equity transaction.

Steve has invested in and advised more than 50 early-stage technology startups. He has a passion for history and Nature, he and his wife are globally active philanthropists.